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The ONIX-3 Visualizer allows you to create professional book images from your ONIX XML files by just drag&drop.

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What is ONIX-3?

ONline Information eXchange (short Onix) is a free-to-use XML standard, widely used in North America, Europe and Asia. It is used in the book industry to provide descriptive information of titles (so-called metadata) in a generally understandable, standardized format between parties such as e.g. publishing companies and book traders.

In ONIX-3 files with the suffix .xml, information about the book is displayed, but not the contents of the book itself. There are, for example, entries such as author, publisher, date of publication, price, physical dimensions, cover picture etc. The ONIX-3 Visualizer allows you to create professional book illustrations from your ONIX XML files by just drag&drop.

Why Metadata?

Metadata is used as catalog data when publishing a book in online shops. Its job is to make the connection between the customer and the book while browsing the shop, since there is no bookseller who will make recommendations, the desired book has to be found through the search.

Metadata optimization at the publisher

In addition to simplifying the trackability of titles for potential readers, publishers are looking to increase the efficiency of the processes involved in the sale of a book.

The simplified standardization of metadata as defined in the ONIX-3 standard enhances the exchange of titles across systems and national borders.

However, content that allows a visual, emotional approach for the customer must still be laboriously created and implemented manually.

Enrich ONIX-3 with Marketing Images

The self3D ONIX-3 Visualizer offers a fully automatic creation of professional marketing images based on ONIX-3 datasets. Several versions and different country versions can be created at the same time.

The optional connection to existing publishing systems offers fully automatic enrichment of metadata - an ideal complement to your marketing automation processes.